Bob & Edith’s


For stage 3 of the Tour de Munch we visited Bob & Edith’s on Saturday, November 15. I’ve been here before and didn’t think anything of it, but that’s probably because it was years ago and after midnight after a night on the town.

As usual there was quite a line to wait for a table. But after about 20 minutes of waiting we got our booth. I order two eggs over medium with country fried steak. I split some of my steak with Jen C for one of her eggs Benedict. Both were very good. The gravy was rich and flavorful and the country fried steak was fried crisp but tender inside. I tried some of Amanda’s blueberry pancake and it was evident the blueberries were plump and fresh, and the pancake was cooked just the way I like it: crisped at the edges.

Bob & Edith’s has been a local favorite for a long time for a reason. It’s popularity is from more than just hype.



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