Bob & Edith’s


For stage 3 of the Tour de Munch we visited Bob & Edith’s on Saturday, November 15. I’ve been here before and didn’t think anything of it, but that’s probably because it was years ago and after midnight after a night on the town.

As usual there was quite a line to wait for a table. But after about 20 minutes of waiting we got our booth. I order two eggs over medium with country fried steak. I split some of my steak with Jen C for one of her eggs Benedict. Both were very good. The gravy was rich and flavorful and the country fried steak was fried crisp but tender inside. I tried some of Amanda’s blueberry pancake and it was evident the blueberries were plump and fresh, and the pancake was cooked just the way I like it: crisped at the edges.

Bob & Edith’s has been a local favorite for a long time for a reason. It’s popularity is from more than just hype.



First Watch


We visited First Watch on Sunday, October 19. Everyone at the table enjoyed their meal here. The food was spectacular. I’m not really a pancake person but the pancakes were great. They were crispy at the edges and flavorful and fluffy on the inside. I had the Parma Hash which was outstanding.

The Original Pancake House


The Original Pancake House was our first stage in the Tour de Munch, starting Sunday, September 14. The Original Pancake House is a popular local restaurant and known for it’s Dutch Baby, which none of us ordered because most of us had already had it before. I can’t remember what I had because it was a couple months ago, but I’ve been there several times and the food is always good. The only thing I dislike about their pancakes is additional ingredients are served on top, not mixed with the batter.

Overall the food is not spectacular or anything special, thus the 3 star rating. But it’s a good place to eat with some novelty menu items.